Our Purpose Sagarmatha Next strives to promote sustainable tourism in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Read the full story watch video The Center Our Visitor and Learning Centre invites trekkers, mountaineers, artists, art lovers, students & locals to learn & experiment with waste generated in the Himalayas. Read the full story Carry Me Back Group Picture Carry Me Back By utilising the movement of people, Carry Me Back is a crowdsourced waste removal system to transport the waste generated in high altitude mountain regions for its proper recycling. Read the full story
Sagarmatha Next

from mountain Waste to Art and Design

Our aim is to change the perception around waste and provide support to the local stakeholders of the region, by bringing innovative and sustainable solutions for solid waste management.
Denali Schmidt art gallery

Waste to Art

Waste to Art is the way for us to showcase that something beautiful is hidden inside the material we throw away. Through this visual representation we wish to change the perception around waste. By attracting artists and allowing them to experiment with these unusual materials, we wish to inspire locals and visitors to be more conscious of the environmental impact their actions might have.
Waste Lab

Waste to Product

Waste to Product is about embracing circular economy by upcycling waste into new products.

Through the waste to product initiative, we aim to change the perception around waste by showing locals and visitors that with creativity, waste can be upcycled into a new high quality functional product.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability in the Khumbu region

Sagarmatha Next aims to be the next frontier for tourism, sustainability and the environment. We hope that the symbolism of Sagarmatha Next can inspire people to be more sensitive and careful with the environment and support practical means to address real challenges in the mountain regions of the world. Sagarmatha next aims to contribute to the United Nations SDG 6, 12, 13 and 17 that includes reducing waste generation, sanitation, reducing climate impact and partnerships.

SDG 17 Partnerships
SDG 13 Climate Action
SDG 12 Responsible Consumption
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