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Stepping into the Visitors Centre, you will be transported into a world-class museum: with new technology and great storytelling. We need a new way to interpret the world around us; a world where we are not thrusted with opinions but allowed to interpret and decide for ourselves.

Sagarmatha National Park attracts visitors from all over the world and it is the ideal place to start a new movement. A movement where we understand the importance of local, a movement where we are aware of our actions, a movement where we know our environmental footprint, a movement where we are conscious and take every action in a mindful manner.

At the Visitors Centre, you will find information about Sagarmatha National Park and the Khumbu region including History, Geography, Culture, Climbing & Trekking, Flora & Fauna, as well as the environmental challenges that we are facing and possible solutions.


At 3,775 m in the Himalayas

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The Visitor & Learning Centre offers you a variety of information through inspirational experiences at The Film Salon, where films/documentaries will be shown, an exhibition area with digital touch screens with interactive modules, virtual reality stations with exciting visual experiences and physical displays where you can touch, feel and immerse yourself into the solutions. The content of the Visitor & Learning Centre is put together by IVAR Studio, along with footage captured by Martin Edstrom. They hope to provide you with a deeper understanding of the Khumbu region and its people, and inspire positive impact.

Preserving the pristine himalayas

The climbing & trekking section will give you an insight into the mountains, peaks and passes. It will also shed light on the deep climbing culture of the region and how the local sherpa population have played such an integral part in discovery, preservation and promotion of the region. It will also identify and give alternate trekking routes for the new generation of experiential travelers who want to go out and explore.

Sherpa culture and Buddhist Community in the Khumbu Region

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This section sheds light into the sights and sounds in the region. In the presence of such grand mountains it is easy to forget the culture and its significance in the region. We hope to show the history of the sherpa people and their culture and how it is tied together with the mountains, climbing and tourism.

Rethinking waste

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In this section we want to show the challenges that have arisen due to the rapid increase in tourism over the years. Interactive maps are used to explain the challenges.

We have started with waste but hope to slowly address water and sanitation issues as well.

The Centre

Providing solutions to the challenges which can really make a difference

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Through our various offerings; art and products at the centre, the waste management consultancy to SPCC, and the Carry Me Back initiative, we hope to assist the tourism sector to implement sustainable solutions in the Sagarmatha National Park and set the precedent for sustainable tourism in the Khumbu region.

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