We provide support to the local stakeholders of the Khumbu region to bring innovative and sustainable solutions for solid waste management

The growing flow of tourists and the development of tourism infrastructure in the region have resulted in social-economic development but also in environmental challenges. Sagarmatha Next works towards solving social and environmental challenges in the Khumbu region. We have partnered with various local organizations in Khumbu and Kathmandu to bring innovative solutions to manage the waste in the area, like Blue Waste to Value Pvt Ltd – a local social enterprise working in the field of waste management in Nepal for the last six years. The profits generated at our Centre – from donations, sale of artwork, and design products made from waste – will be made available to Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee/SPCC, a local NGO in charge of the waste management in the Khumbu region.
The Way Forward

The Waste Management Master Plan

The plan offers solutions for the ever-increasing waste management challenges and provides a comprehensive plan for the management of the waste generated by tourists and locals. It equips local organizations to better manage the waste that is left behind in this fragile mountain valley.

Developed with the joint hard work and dedication of Blue Waste to Value and the Professors Alton Byers, Milan Shrestha & Netra Chhetri, plus inputs from local stakeholders, for SPCC.

SPC will be encouraged to use the funds generated at Sagarmatha Next to develop and implement the plan along the trekking routes based on the guidelines mentioned in the report.

The Waste Management Plan

Publication in MRD

This Waste Management Master Plan has been reviewed by experts and published by the prestigious international scientific journal Mountain Research Development (MRD).

More Initiatives

Towards improving waste management

Exploring more solutions

Along with SPCC, we are continuously exploring more solutions to improve the waste management practices in the area.

Accreditation to the lodges

Along with SPCC, we are working to create a system to accredit the lodges that follow sustainable waste management practices.

Crowdsourced waste removal

We have tested and implemented a crowdsourced waste removal system - carry me back - where locals and visitors can contribute to remove the waste in the area.

Reduction of volume of waste

We are exploring how to reduce the volume of waste hence reducing the transportation costs for its removal.

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