When you buy an upcycled souvenir, you are contributing towards removing waste from the Khumbu region

Designed by Super Local for Sagarmatha Next, ‘From the Himalayas’ products are fully made of HDPE plastic bottle caps collected from the hiking trails and the Himalayas.

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Repurposing of HDPE bottle caps in the Everest region

“From the Himalayas” product line is a reminder of Khumbu’s breathtaking landscape and journey. By owning these products, you become a part of the movement to preserve and protect the pristine beauty of the Sagarmatha Region.
Himalayan model

Removal of 36 bottle caps

On the journey to Everest Base Camp trek, a hiker drinks about 36 bottles of water in average. PET water bottles are shredded and transported through the carry me back system, but HDPE bottle caps fail to find their way into industrial recycling facilities.

Our Himalayan model is crafted from 36 HDPE bottle caps, the exact amount of bottle cap waste left behind by each visitor in the park. Buying an Himalayan model you can now take those bottle caps that once accompanied you on your mountain journey turned into an unique souvenir.

Himalayan stones

Leaving nature untouched

The Himalayan stones are inspired by the mani stones that are found along the trekking trails in the Khumbu region. Many visitors at the Sagarmatha National Park take a little stone as a reminder of the trip, which is discouraged, every stone belongs in nature!

Buying an Himalayan stone, you can take a stone back home as a memory, but one made from the plastic that was once taken up to the mountains. In total, the three Himalayan stones are made of 35 plastic bottle caps.


Moware lab, a waste workshop run by women

The magic happens at moware lab by moware design, an upcycling brand that creates upcycled products from waste and provides job opportunities to deprived women in Kathmandu.

In May 2022, we established a plastic upcycling workshop at their facilities. Ever since, the moware design team has produced the “From the Himalayas” collection, contributing to scaling their operations and generating revenue for their artisans.

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