Sagarmatha Next strives to help the tourism eco-system implement environmentally sustainable solutions in the Sagarmatha region

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We aim to change the perception around waste and provide support to the local stakeholders of the region, by bringing innovative and sustainable solutions for solid waste management


Our Stories at Sagarmatha Next

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Repurposing plastic waste in the Everest region: Sagarmatha Next x Super Local
Situated high in the mountains with limited waste management facilities, the Khumbu
A closer look at carpentry works at Sagarmatha Next
The Sagarmatha Next centre is an innovation hub that strives to promote
Stone masonry at great height!
‘Sagarmatha Next’ is an innovation hub located in Sagarmatha National Park, home
Latest Interview
Sagarmatha Next, where innovation meets art to tackle waste management challenges!

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In this conversation, Tommy Gustafsson, our Project Director, shares his motivation to start Sagarmatha Next, our journey in the last 4 years since we started to build the centre, and the upcoming plans of Sagarmatha Next! 


Sagarmatha Next in the news

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Niagara Region man turns trash left on Mount Everest into art


How a Canadian sculptor turned hiking debris on the world’s tallest mountain into art


Sagarmatha Next opens in the Everest region


Nepal convertirá toda la basura del Everest en arte 


A Museum in the Himalayas Has a Solution for the Tons of Trash Climbers Leave on Mount Everest: Turn It Into Art


Nepal to transform garbage collected from Everest into art


Nepal to turn Everest trash into art to highlight mountain’s garbage blight


Trash from Mount Everest to be turned into art to highlight garbage problem


Nepal to transform Mount Everest trash into art to raise environmental awareness



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