You can also carry back a bag from your home

Preserve our environment is a joint effort where everyone can collaborate. Not only visitors of Sagarmatha National Park can contribute to carry me back, but you can also be part of it from home with a small contribution!

Participate from home

Sponsor a Bag

Now you can also be part of the movement from home! For only 10 dollars, you can sponsor a “carry me back” bag and we will have it removed for you in the upcoming trekking season.

When you sponsor a bag, you are contributing to its production, packaging, distribution, and collection costs.

Each bag can be reutilized for many seasons.his will result in the removal and recycling of many kgs of waste.


Thank you for your contribution



Sponsor a Bag

Your contribution will go a long way

Carry me back is the first initiative of Sagarmatha Next to address the waste management challenge in Sagarmatha National Park and the Khumbu region.

As its name suggests, carry me back is a crowdsourced waste removal system designed to send waste to its rightful place where it can be recycled by utilising the movement of locals and tourists.


The bags are produced by women groups

The Dutch designing company Super Local made the initial design. Our partner moware design continued with extensive research and sampling to find the appropriate measures and materials to make the bags durable so that they can be reused time and again.

moware design will continue training women groups from the Khumbu region to promote local production while creating employment in the high mountain regions of Nepal.


Waste is shredded and packaged in the bags

‘carry me back’ bags are filled with PET bottles and aluminum cans collected from lodges and houses of villages in the Khumbu region

A dedicated team of SPCC is in charge of shredding and filling the bags up to 1 kg capacity

Our team is continuously experimenting and testing the pre-processing of other types of waste to increase the total waste transported through ‘carry me back’.


Bags are distributed among the participants

Locals and tourists coming across the pick up points are offered to collect a ‘carry me back’ bag and bring it down to Lukla Airport. Participants also learn about the waste management challenges in the Khumbu region and how they can become a part of the solution when participating in carry me back.

The first pick up station is located near the Namche Bazaar Stupa. In the upcoming seasons, we will expand the coverage by adding more pick up stations across Sagarmatha National Park.


'carry me back' bags are transported to Kathmandu for further recycling

Participants drop of the ‘carry me back’ bags in Lukla before taking their flight back to Kathmandu.

The local airline Tara Airlines takes the bags back to Kathmandu. From there, the bags are collected by the local enterprise BW2V to proceed with its recycling.

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