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You can contribute to clean up the Himalayas and support our artists by buying an unique artwork created from waste by our artist-in-residence at Sagarmatha Next.

Spring 2024

Leslie Leong

Leslie is a visual artist based in Northern Canada. Her creations serve as narratives of the landscapes and ethos she experiences. Using materials already present in her surroundings, her art pieces begin with a sense of spontaneity inspired by the places she visits and the things she finds.

Eternal Flame
Starry Night
Everest Stone
Autumn 2023

Alex Heaton

Alex Heaton is a London based artist highly known for his hyper-realistic oil paintings. He works from experience, researching and conducting studies in the remotest natural settings. His unique blend of mountaineering and art allowed him to create 17 captivating and evocative pieces made of used cans that transport viewers to the remote and majestic mountains he has explored.

Nuptse I
Ama Dablam North Face
Waterfall on Imja River
Autumn 2022

Floyd Elzinga

Floyd Elzinga is a Canadian sculptor of metals working both three-dimensionally and two-dimensionally. His artworks become a metaphor for the beautiful Khumbu region, symbolizing its beauty and the hope it holds. The medium with which these artworks are created becomes the representation of the region’s ongoing challenges – the external forces that are shaping the future of the Khumbu region and at the same time, Floyd’s motivations and art.

Mapple Tree
Clear Sky
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