Nestled deep in the mountains, with centuries of culture, where time stands still, as the mountains stand high, this unique location will be a beacon for the future of sustainable tourism

A unique place at 3,775m where you can meet mountaineers, trekkers, artists, nature lovers, and environmentalists from around the world.

At Sagarmatha Next, options are limitless. From digital exhibits to upcycled sculptures, workshops where you can experiment with waste to attending conferences on climate change, we bring you a space where you can learn, explore and grow. Interact with locals, learn about their cultures, explore their landscape and become part of the solution to the environmental challenges facing this region.

Visitor & Learning Centre

Denali Schmidt Art Gallery
Waste Lab
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Four years long way

The Construction

The story of the construction of Sagarmatha Next itself is unique and appealing. Built in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner, the building is simple and efficiently designed, uses locally available materials, and was constructed by a team of local builders.
local materials

Efficient Design

Local materials

Local team

Setting Out

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