Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee/SPCC is the lead organization managing the waste in the Khumbu region

Sagarmatha Next and SPCC are working together to find better solutions for waste management in the Khumbu region.

Along with the social enterprise Blue Waste to Value/BW2V, we have conducted a field-research to assess the situation in the area, and propose alternatives to manage the waste on-site as well as transport it to Kathmandu in an affordable manner. As a result, Carry Me Back was proposed and piloted as a jointly first initiative.

All the benefits of Sagarmatha Next will be provided to SPCC to improve the waste management system in the area.

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About SPCC

A community-based NGO established by the local Sherpa people of Khumbu. SPCC has been continuously working to keep Khumbu clean through development of appropriate waste management infrastructures, and integrating sustainable waste management approaches. Their work includes setting up a system for waste segregation, strengthening community participation, dissemination of public education, and finding opportunities for waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Since 1997, SPCC has been contracted by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to set the climbing route through the Khumbu Icefall. Hence, also works to check climbing permits, monitor illegal climbing, and implement waste management strategies at the base camps of the Khumbu area’s mountains and peaks including Mt. Everest.

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