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Simran is a dynamic individual with a lifelong love for communication and activity. She has been involved in various sports since childhood, showcasing her energetic nature. Alongside sports, she polished her communication skills through public speaking, poetry, singing, and dancing. Simran also ventured into the fashion industry, modeling for Newmew and Bishesh Creation, and started freelancing as a makeup artist. Additionally, she hosted the first-ever Nepal Warrior Series (NWC), displaying her charisma and audience engagement skills. Whether on the field, stage, or runway, her vibrant personality and communication prowess shine, making her a force in every pursuit.

Simran also feels a strong pull towards social activities. In response to the devastating earthquake in her district, she led the "Asha Ko Kira" campaign, involving SEE students in rebuilding efforts. She later joined the International Citizen Service (ICS) in Shindhuli, conducting classes on lifestyle and life skills, staging public dramas addressing social issues, and organizing programs focused on mental health.

Simran's commitment to community service extends to environmental causes, evident in her participation in the Bagmati cleaning program and her involvement in road building projects in her community. Her dedication led her to work with an INGO on various social services projects.

During the COVID lockdown, her adventurous spirit took her to Gokyo in the Khumbu region, where she stumbled upon Sagarmatha Next. Inspired by the potential to turn waste into art, she embarked on a journey to explore this concept further. Now, Simran utilizes her exceptional communication skills as a vital member of Sagarmatha Next, contributing to the organization's mission with passion and vigor.

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