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Laxman Lama is a devoted Buddhist with a deep reverence for puja, embodying an inclusive spirit. Having studied in a Hindu school and wholeheartedly respecting all religions, he has been engaged in social activities and community work since his teenage years. Laxman has a passion for football and music, which are at the core of his skills and interests. Following the devastating earthquake in April 2015, Laxman joined the INGO's MEAL, contributing to various reconstruction, rehabilitation, development, and environmental projects.

His enthusiasm for service led him to Sagarmatha Next, where he engages in logistical tasks and ensures smooth operations at the centre. As a compassionate and eloquent presenter, Laxman serves as one of the voices of Sagarmatha Next, effectively conveying its mission to every individual visitor. In addition to his roles, he also showcases his barista skills, bringing smiles to visitors' faces with his exceptional coffee, often hailed as the best in the entire Khumbu region.

Laxman's dedication to Sagarmatha Next serves as a beacon of inspiration for the youth in the Khumbu region. Passionate and dedicated, Sagarmatha Next has become Laxman's inspirational hub and second home, where he continues to inspire others with his unwavering commitment and talent. Inspired by the Canadian artist Floyd, he has even created his own bold art pieces during his free time at the centre.

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