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Kelly is a Canadian artist who has dedicated her life's work to the preservation of the environment. Her work is, in many ways, a call to action to save our planet, focusing on humanity's impact on natural spaces. Much of her work has centered on the Boreal Forest, an important ecosystem that encircles the globe and plays a crucial role in the planet's health by filtering fresh water and storing carbon. Despite Canada having the most intact boreal forest, large-scale destruction is occurring worldwide, often hidden by logging and mining corporations. Understanding the interconnectedness of forests worldwide is crucial to slowing global warming and creating a sustainable planet.

Her work validates the importance of sustainability. The forest fires of 2023, melting glaciers, and warming oceans have highlighted the urgent need for environmental stewardship for the benefit of future generations. Her images reveal the beauty of pristine nature but also expose the scars left by human exploitation of environmental resources without consideration. Her drawings are impactful, prompting viewers to consider their impact on the planet. Using homemade charcoal and upcycling resources like paper, she showcases a commitment to sustainable practices.

Kelly looks forward to her time in Sagarmatha Next, where she can witness firsthand the impact of human activity on this precious mountain region. She hopes to not only document environmental changes but also use discarded materials to create new and exciting art pieces.

Kelly is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists and the Canadian Society of Artists, having exhibited her work across Canada and internationally.

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