A piece of your heart will remain at Sagarmatha National Park forever

If you like our work at Sagarmatha Next, you can leave a piece of your heart at Sagarmatha National Park and guide others to the doors of our centre in Syangboche.
Leave a piece of your hearth

Leave a Stone Behind

If you wish to leave a piece of your heart at Sagarmatha National Park, you can buy a stone heart that will be placed on the way to Sagarmatha Next Centre.

You will get a certificate and you will be able to see the stone heart that you bought.

When you leave a stone heart, you are contributing to our projects at Sagarmatha Next

Stone Heart owners

Thank you for your support

A piece of your heart will remain forever in Sagarmatha National Park, leading other curious visitors to the doors of Sagarmatha Next.
How the Idea Was Born

A solution to the stone waste

One day at the campsite, during the construction of the centre, our Project Director was overseeing the work of the 20 masons working on the project. Motivated to experience and learn more about this ancient art, he started to chip one of the stones. After a few minutes of hitting non-stop, the stone began to look like a heart until it turned out to be a heart!

A few weeks later, when searching options to build the two ways to the entrance to the centre, the idea of using the stone hearts came up. This way, we could give purpose to the stone waste of the construction while offering visitors the possibility of being part of Sagarmatha Next forever.

Our mason’s team will continue chipping thousands of stones and place them along the way to our centre. Visitors and friends of Sagarmatha Next might purchase a unique stone heart of their preference. This way, everyone’s piece of the hearth will form the walkway that will guide future visitors in the National Park to our centre. Will you leave a piece of your heart with us?


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