Waste to Art is the first competition organized by Sagarmatha Next with the aim of providing local artist a platform to experiment art creation through waste, learn from senior fellows, and raise awareness on solid waste management.

The competition was organized jointly with Blue Waste to Value and Taragaon Museum, and sponsored by Saraf Foundation.

The competition was held on May 2019 in the premises of Taragaon Museum, where the six selected local artists could experiment and create unique sculptures made from different types of waste left behind in the mountains.

The finished art works were exhibited in the museum thereafter. Then, a jury awarded the two best art works, whose creators Saurav Koirala and Dipak Lama will attend Sagarmatha Next to work with international visiting artists. 

All the artworks are currently displayed at Sagarmatha Next.


Saurav Koirala

Dipak Lama

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