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Super Local is a design studio that finds sustainable solutions for social and cultural problems co-funded by Pim van Baarsen and Luc van Hoeckel, who are passionate problem solvers. Their human-centered approach is hands-on and based on collaboration with local communities, organizations and partners. They work with a bottom-up approach as an equal collaborator with local communities.

Super Local believes solutions are always found in the country itself. That’s why they love to visit each place and focus on the subject; doing extensive research and working on solutions to the problems faced by the people. The result ranges from cleverly designed products, ready-made concepts and implementable services to complete local productions and case studies.

Being a design company specialized in upcycled waste product design, they have designed the first set of products made from plastic waste for Sagarmatha Next while conceptualizing the production logistics for those products. They will now implement the production logistics and also train the local staff to handle the production in Nepal.

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